Dead Prez – Information Age [Album]

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01. Upload (Begin Within)
02. A New Beginning
03. What If The Lights Go Out
04. GHN: Global Hood News
05. Dirty White Girl
06. No Way As The Way
07. Learning Growing Changing
08. Time Travel
09. Take Me To The Future
10. GHN: Elections & Crisis
11. The Awakening
12. Expand Beyond (Bonus Track)

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Dead prez’ new album, Information Age (Krian Music Group), signifies not only a bold sonic shift for the provocative hip-hop duo, but also an evolution in and M-1’s worldview. Known as lyrical outlaws who raise their voices on issues related to corrupt politics, race and economics, dead prez expand the story to highlight the age of information as one of self awareness and development, both being essential in the struggle for self determination.

The newest chapter in the dead prez saga, in the form of their new studio album, is a focus on the kind of liberation that develops from inner consciousness. In the eight years since their last studio release, both members experienced their own personal journeys. has committed to a healthy-sober-and smoke free lifestyle and started a movement called the RBG FIT CLUB. M-1 has travelled extensively to participate in various frontline struggles in the Gaza Strip, Mali, Italy, Greece and more. After fighting fire with fire most of their career, dead prez are deliberately challenging expectations and “fighting fire with water.” The fight begins with Information Age’s digital release on October 16, 2012 and a physical release slated for January 22, 2013.

M-1 and first met in 1990 at FAMU in Tallahassee, FL and connected through their passion for music and similar ideologies. After moving to New York and connecting with Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar, the duo released their debut album, Let’s Get Free, which spawned their hit single, “Hip Hop.” Their revolutionary lyrics brought them to the forefront of hip-hop’s politically conscious movement. Their sophomore album, RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta, again represented a strong political voice, but this time from the point of view of the streets.

On Information Age, stic and M-1, once again express views of liberation, both conceptually and sonically, while expanding the hip-hop conversation. No longer labeled as “political” or “gangster,” dead prez, is genre bending. “We’re not trying to repeat ourselves with this album, we’re trying to expand the story,” remarked stic. “Many of the industry’s genre divisions are just a covert form of musical apartheid. We want to break genre limitations and reach out into new areas with our creativity.”

“A New Beginning,” the first full track on Information Age, sets the tone for the album. It exudes a “soulful-edgy New Age” sound, with an upbeat, pop feel, yet maintains the poignant substance that has given dead prez a dedicated worldwide audience for over a decade.  Through’s 80’s styled melody, sung by Grammy Award winning singer Anthony David, the track takes on a revolutionary perspective about the “end of the world” hype associated with 2012. The lyrics speak to the masses of people who are not benefitting from the current global system, providing hope that the “doomsday” predictions might offer a glitch in the matrix; an opening for something better.

Dead prez continue on this note throughout the album including the metaphoric laced, rock-infused “Dirty White Girl.”  Not about race or gender, the track insightfully addresses the lack of healthy disciplines and exposes the prevalent lifestyle and culture of America. “It’s an anti-drug song, anti-addiction song…pro-health song,” stated stic. “No Way As The Way” explores stic and M-1’s journey of understanding spirituality by challenging dogmas, ideologies and religious rhetoric through a transient soulful track. “Time Travel,” recorded at TRX’ Tallahassee studio, features a bass-heavy, sparkling futuristic speaker popper, as the listener goes on a marathon training run through the hood, into the galaxy and beyond.

Information Age, as a whole, represents various aspects of the cultivation of self-awareness, self-determination, and self-actualization. “The album was created based on what our spirits called for… and reflects our journey since our last release,” remarked M-1.  “The album process was very organic. We took our time to grow.” M-1‘s lyrics on  “Learning, Growing, Changing” sums up the humble message of Information Age precisely…”the more you know/ the more you know you don’t know/ and if you don’t know there’s more you can know, then you won’t grow.”

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