Hip-Hop For Black Unity is a movement that seeks to address the many problems faced by the Hip-Hop generation and to offer tangible strategies to alleviate negative conditions that impact Hip-Hop as an Industry and as a component of a larger Black Culture as well as those who practice it professionally and those who are affected by it, both locally and thus globally. In recognition of the global impact of Hip-Hop and the critically serious ramifications of that impact we are determined to develop a network and coalition of individuals who seek to use their expertise, influence and resources to create a radical and revolutionary change in Hip-Hop on several levels that parallel the same problems we deal with as a people. Hip-Hop was not birthed in a bubble but rather is a microcosm of a larger society where problems such as racism and white supremacy have affected everything from law to politics to business and banking and Hip-Hop did not escape these harsh realities. The Hip-Hop generation is the offspring of the Soul/Funk Music generation of the 60’s & 70’s and the Civil Rights, Black Power and Black Arts Movements of the same period. We are the collective children of Reggae, Latin, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Rock & Roll, we are steeped in the ancient African Oral Traditions and the 1-2 Heart Beat of the African Drum.

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