Hip-Hop 4 Black Unity DEFINITIONS
Working Definitions
Black People: In our definition of Black People, Latino and Cape Verdean People are included. This does not in any way diminish their own very distinct cultures but rather for a convenience of terms suggests that we are all the same people, from one source. Latino culture whether South American or Island, is a component of African Culture not only due to TransAtlantic Slave Trade but to our own interactions centuries and possibly millenia before Colombus or any other European Exploiters came on the scene. We recognize that Hip-Hop was created and developed from its inception by the Black and Latino Youth of the Bronx, NY. replica audemars piguet

Hip-Hop: Hip-Hop as music can only be defined as Black Music because it was created by Black People. Any other assertion in support of White Supremist ideal that Black People can own nothing of their own.

White Supremacy says “What is Ours is Ours and What is Yours is Ours” Fake watch

Can a people own a music or art? It seems to only problem when you are discussing the property of Black Peoples’. There is Celtic Music & Dance, Russian Music & Dance, Italian, French, etc.

People all around the world practice Salsa and Karate, but there is no move to redefine these things as belonging to everyone. Rather, it is quite clear that Salsa is a product of Latino Culture and Karate a product of Asian Culture, The River Dance belongs to the Irish and Opera to the Italians, why then can Black People not have Hip-Hop? How does Hip-Hop belong to everyone? To assert this is to disrespect the very clear origins of Hip-Hop and to neglect the rich legacies which combined to become the soil that nourished the seed that became the tree.

Hip-Hop Culture: Hip-Hop is not our culture. Hip-Hop is a facet, a component, a portion of our culture. Our culture is Black Culture, it is African Culture. To assert Hip-Hop as our culture means we had no culture prior to the 70’s and does not recognize the fact that Hip-Hop was not born in a vacuum. To acknowledge Hip-Hop as our Culture is dangerous because it forsakes the very ancient and very sacred wealth of accumulated wisdom the ancestors for something that is not even 40 yrs old. Our Culture is much bigger than Hip-Hop and while it encompasses Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop is a byproduct of a combination of several components of our true culture. We define Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop does not define us. replicas watch

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