The Hip Hop Gods Classic Tour Fest Revue 2012 by Wise Intelligent




The Hip Hop Gods Classic Tour Fest Revue 2012

GRATITUDE, LOVE, RESPECT and ADMIRATION: Chuck D, Professor Griff, Flavor Flav, Johnny Juice, Shawn Carter I, Bro. Mike, Drew, Baba Malik, Davey DMX, DJ  Lord, James Bond, Pop, “E”, Karee, T-Bone, Lou, Paulette, Rynda, LBC, Lord Kell, Corey, Brother J, Ultra, Samani, Dinco D, Awesome Dre, Half-Pint, Jah Well, T.A. Son of Bazerk, Scholly D, Code Money, Cee Knowledge, Cookie.

The Hip Hop Gods Classic Tour Fest Revue was an incomparable experience. Never have I been engaged for 16 days by such a diverse body of perspectives, views, talents, occupations, beliefs and opinions coordinating, cooperating and functioning together for the benefit and success of the whole. It was like biology and the study of cell structures. When millions of individually specialized cells come together to form organs which form systems that sustain and preserve the entire body. The individual cell understanding how it’s success is interdependent and only achieved via the success of the group.

I will be forever thankful  for the shared knowledge, wisdom, understanding, advice, networks, connections, camaraderie, conversations, jokes, laughs, germs, colds, flus and sickness we passed around. And although I don’t eat bear meat, ostrich, eel, snails and shit (y’all some strange muthafukas), I’ll travel around the country and world with all of you any time, just say it.

Most importantly, I am humbled by the opportunity to have been part of the first ever Hip Hop Gods Classic Tour Fest Revue – the establishing of a legacy and platform for the SUSTENANCE & PRESERVATION of CLASSIC Hip Hop.

Thank you to Washington DC, NYC, Philadelphia, Burlington VT, Boston, Indianapolis IN, Chicago, Minneapolis MN, Denver CO, Jackson Hole WY, Aspen CO, San Diego, Los Angeles and all the Hip Hop fans, press and promoters, who REFUSE to allow anyone other than yourselves to determine for you what is or isn’t relevant.

To Gen. Chuck D, Public Enemy and the Hip Hop Gods, …SALUTE!

– Wise Intelligent 

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