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#10FriskCommandments Remix LYRICS
Hands up if you ever seen a handcuff…
Hands up if you ever seen a handcuff…
My little man touched me in the heart, we was at the park
Watch him run the rock, time to go cause its getting dark
Last play of the game, hard foul fight starts,
i’m peeling out because i don’t want my son to see the night sparks
before i get the 5 feet, the blue lights behind me.
Pulling over, cool as ice til something reminds me
My little man is in the car, that something was him
asking me if i was gonna get taken away by them
I laughed like i wasn’t concerned
But in the back of mind i remember the time when i made a U TURN
And got pulled over for suspicious action
My white friend got pulled out so they could ask him
what he was doing with me, that incident was one among many
I wanna tell my son that that’s silly
He’s only 3, and im not even sure its wise
or fair to have to teach him to survive before he’s five
That night I read him 10 commandments and I nearly cried
cause it wasn’t the bible it was from Jasiri’s rhymes
Its the 10 frisk commandments…

I’ve never known a time when I wasn’t really warned
about how blackness is perceived with some malice and some scorn.
But Mama I’m sure I didn’t do nothing wrong
And then she said that’s not the point I just don’t want to see you gone.
Growing up it was me who was questioning the fact that being black
That I was somehow always under some sort of attack
It was the bad kids, the thuggish ones, I will be okay
and that’s the same bullshit they used on Kimani Grey
Its 2013 how is not being white still a crime
and the innocent still get stopped and frisked all the time
I’m American, I thought that came with some sort of rights
That was undeniable whether my skin was dark or light
Such a fright, abuse of authoritative might,
Such a sight, to see young folks scared to even fight
For their rights, guess what, we need more voices who are white
lets unite, and put this shit to bed and say good night…
It’s the 10 Frisk Commandments

Driving through New York I see’em inside my rear view
Lights on, sirens sound, pull over, yeah I hear you
I guess you see four black men in an SUV so you expect we sling
I felt like Ice T, it was six in the morning
He asked where we going, we rolling to a performance
He asked if was I drinkin’, I told him I don’t indulge in the spirits
but he wasn’t trying to hear it
He pulled out the breathalyzer, like i was the best of liars
but my man Radee, had the Canon 5D
Commandment number 9 yeah we film the police
And because were were recording, we got off with the warning
I asked why he pulled us over, What a surprise
He said my lights were off but it was passed sunrise
And I was thankful that none of us died
Stopped and frisked in N-Y but at least we survived
By the 10 frisk commandments.

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