George Zimmerman IS a Creepy Ass Cracker – Jasiri X

I decided to put my thoughts about the Zimmerman Trial, the Voting Rights Act, and Race in America in a 16 bar verse:

Oh you was born black welcome to the curse race
Oh you was born brown you sure this is your birthplace
This is America the home of the white man
Where every other American gets a hyphen
People of color police shoot us on site man
And then be like damn I was just frightened
See just the color of my skin is intimidating
Here I’m a criminal just based on my pigmentation
We need God our only mass is incarceration
We need Jesus cause these preachers got the heart of Satan
They toast to our death celebrating with ice cream
Vanilla with the cake cone must be a white thing
They wanna stop us from voting well what do rights mean?
If the end result of our struggle can just be wiped clean
And Zimmerman is a creepy ass cracker
A racist child murdering liar and bad actor

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